c language introduction| characteristics of c language with explanation

c language introduction:-Hello dear students if you are searching for introductions and defiinitions of c language. you come on the true blog. c language full of keywords and functions.

if you want to learn about c language introduction, we will provide you best notes.

c language introduction| characteristics of c language
c language introduction| characteristics of c language

c language introduction and characteristics

C is a general purpose high-level structured programming language. It was designed and written by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C is developed at Bell laboratory. 

C is a structured programming language that allows the verification of programmers in small modules. Modular programming reduces testing and maintenance.

features of c language

There are many functions of the C language are:-

  1. Modularity
  2. Structure programming language
  3. Free from language
  4. Portability
  5. Middle-level language
  6. Extendibility
  7. Flexibility
  8. Case sensitive


It is the ability to break down a large module into submodules. That means the C language converts due to submodule. That is called modularity.

Structure programming language

Structure programming language is a subject of producer programming language. programming language.

Free from language:

Free from language features lets users they can start a program from any time, in any column, any raw, or statement.


The ability the part to install the software on different platforms. It is called portability. It means ported from one machine to another machine.

c language features

Middle-level language

C is a middle-level language because C program converts the high-level programs to low-level programs.


The ability to extend to existing software air by adding new features is called an extendibility.


C has got enough keywords, identifies for many functions, etc.

Case sensitive

All keywords functions etc. Are to be written lowercase only, user-defined structure, a variable, constant, function can be written uppercase, case sensitive is c language.

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In this article, you get knowledge about what is C language and what functions of C language, and their functions how to work. For more details and information please follow our blog to existing programming and coding.

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